we have participated in four generations of church starts -
totaling 38 congregations that average more than 5,500 in weekly attendance


There are many congregations and missions that are currently operating out of our main facility at 9150 Church Rd in Dallas, Texas.  These congregations and ministries form our core. 


We have started churches that have started other churches, and we have partnered to help get other churches started.  Over the last several years, we have participated in four generations of church starts - totaling 38 congregations that average more than 5,500 in weekly attendance.



Iglesia Bautista Forest Meadow

Antonio Mangefeste, Pastor de IBFM


Nuestra Iglesia es multi-etnica y diversa, tenemos gente de varios paises como: Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras y Mexico. Nos enfocamos en dar a conocer la verdad de Dios de una manera tradicional y amena.  Nuestros esfuerzos son tratar de alcanzar la comunidad hispana para Cristo de una manera eficaz y efectiva.  Visitenos y compartamos juntos la Palabra de Dios.

Teléfono: 214.235.6699

Escuela Dominical: 9:30 am
Servicio De la Adoración (a la Domingo): 10:50 am
Oracion De la Noche De Miércoles: 6:30pm




First Sudanese Baptist Church

Edwin Makola, Pastor of First Sudanese Baptist Church

Our community is committed to reaching the people of the world starting with the growing number of people groups from Sudan living in this area.  Our service is spoken in Arabic and English, and in some Sudanese dialects.  Our community is very involved in praying for our church and our world.  We want to see Jesus' transforming power change this world.

Phone: 214.542.8791

Sunday Worship: 5:30 pm




The Pleasant Woods Apartments


Bob and Mary Ellen Paramore

This group meets at the Pleasant Woods Apartment complex.  We are reaching out to this community in order to find and teach a group of believers so they can change their neighborhood into an active expression of Christ's love.  We hold many community outreach events and children's bible study classes.  We are in the process of beginning an adult Bible study. If you want more information about us or would like to help in anyway, please let us know.


Phone: 214.357.6808




Walnut Place

Mary Ellen Paramore

We reach out to a community of senior citizens that are partially and fully assisted in living.  We meet on a weekly basis, we sing, pray and study the Bible.  Please be in prayer for this ministry.


Phone: 214.357.6808




Me'en, Southern Sudan

This church began out of several mission trips to this area, these people have taken the Great Commission and really put into action.  They have injected Jesus Christ into most of the villages around theirs, and lives are being changed.  With the cooperation of International Mission Board and other local agencies we have been able to help these villages with the life transforming power of Jesus Christ.  Churches have also been started in three other villages through this international missions effort.  For more information about how you can help please contact us.


Phone: 214.341.9555




Iglesia Luz y Verdad

Carlos Villaroel, Pastor

Esta nueva Iglesia es también multi-etnica y diversa, y hay gente de muchos  paises.  Nos enfocamos en dar a conocer la luz y la verdad de Dios de una manera contemporaria.

Teléfono: 972.363.4988


Servicio de Adoración (a la Domingo): 1:30pm
Servicio de Oración (a la Viernes): 7:00 pm